Saturday, April 21, 2012

Delta Dental 5k

I'll start by saying I do not like racing at night.  It really makes for a long day and I just don't feel good at all during the day.  I'd much rather race at 9am and get it done without all the worry and nerves all day.

Anyway, I decided that the Delta Dental 5k in Concord look like the best option for this weekend.  I knew there would be competition and the course is pretty fast.  I got up there a little early and drove around a bit re-checking the course.  I've run at NHTI a bunch of times but it seems like each time I run a different course.
The course is a mix of narrow trail and roads.  On this day the temperature (80) and the wind (really blowing) would not be the mix for a fast race.

I met up with teammates Michael Quintal and Scott Clark (and Scott's son) and we went out and ran the course as a warm-up.  I especially like the part that goes through the "root canal".  I hoped to make my move either right before or right after the tunnel as we'd be on the only hill on the course (a highway overpass).

Originally I'd hope to break 17, but with the conditions I was thinking sub 17:20 would be a good run.  I changed into racing flats and headed out for another mile with some strides then headed to the line.  The start was pretty crazy with a bunch of kids sprinting out.  I moved into the top 10 by 1/2 mile with Scott right with me as we hit the woods.  I stuck close as he led us through the mile in 5:25.  The wind was really tough and I felt the heat in the second mile as we ran mostly side-by-side or me a half step back.  Right before 2m (11:04 - 5:39 split) I tried to make a move and got a very slight gap on Scott.  He hung tough and I threw everything I had at him.  I was concerned that he'd be there at the end and out-kick me (he has a better kick) so I tried to pull away.  I got a little ground but he stormed back and went by with about 1/4 mile to go.  I stayed close and found another gear at the 3m mark (16:36 - 5:32 split) and was able to pull away in the last 10th to take the top 40+ place with Scott right behind me.  I guess I had a little turnover at the end with a closing 33 second split.  I'll take 17:09 on a hot night in May :-)

8th Annual NHTI/Delta Dental 5K Road Race
April 20, 2012        5 Kilometers (USATF Certified #NH08017RF)                  Concord, NH
    1   1/32   M3039   15:55   15:55   5:08 Justin Freeman         35 M   390 New Hampton NH         
    2   1/36   M1929   16:13   16:13   5:13 Matt Chorney           23 M   372 Jackson Hole WY        
    3   2/36   M1929   16:48   16:48   5:25 Jesse Young            22 M   411 South Berwick ME       
    4   2/32   M3039   16:51   16:51   5:26 Mike Quintal           34 M   379 North Andover MA       
    5   3/36   M1929   17:08   17:08   5:31 Sam Wood               25 M   203 Laconia NH             
    6   1/20   M4549   17:11   17:11   5:32 Dave Dunham            48 M   365 Bradford MA            
    7   2/20   M4549   17:16   17:16   5:34 Scott Clark            46 M   167 Gilmanton NH           
    8   4/36   M1929   17:29   17:29   5:38 Neal Graves            29 M   150 Croydon NH             
    9   3/20   M4549   17:33   17:33   5:39 Eric Williams          47 M   393 Concord NH             
   10   3/32   M3039   17:41   17:39   5:41 Todd Bookman           30 M   429 Jaffrey NH  

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