Saturday, April 14, 2012

Track workout

Workout 04-11-12

Dan and I hit the track at Phillips on Wednesday for our weekly workout.  We went a little later in the week to give me an extra day of recovery after the half-marathon last Saturday.  I probably didn’t need the extra day (I felt pretty good post-race) but with the next race being on Sunday it just made sense.  We ended up having the track to ourselves which was a bonus.  Conditions were decent with temps around 50 and winds around 10mph.

We did our normal warm-up (short) 2 miles to the track (12:57) then a mile with strides and then rolled right into the workout of 800, 800, mile, 800, 800 with 400 rest.  We alternated the lead with Dan taking the first and third 800 and the first ½ of the mile and me leading the others.

800 – 2:39.5 (felt sluggish, wondered if I’d make it through the workout)
Rest – 1:59
800 – 2:38.4 (felt a lot better leading)
Rest – 1:59
Mile – 5:16.8 (felt excellent – splits 81/80/79/76)
Rest – 2:01
800 – 2:40.7 (felt awful, tried to keep Dan in sight)
Rest – 1:57
800 – 2:34.6 (felt great, hit 400 in 77 and kept even)
Rest – 1:40

Warm-down back with the Cemetery loop added in for 17:00

Total – 63:02

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