Thursday, June 7, 2012

Track workout

Hit the track with Dan last night for the final tune-up before the 10k championships.  The plan was to get some turn-over but not get beat up.  I was definitely still feeling the 10 mile mountain race from Sunday but that is the price you pay for racing every week.  Anyway, the plan was to run 8x400 @ 78 seconds with a 200 rest.  We alternated the lead and Dan took us through the first one in 1:16, so that turned into the pace for the quarters.  We were pretty even but I felt rough the entire workout.  Dan looked very smooth, watch out he turns 50 next week!
PA8x400 w 200 restw Dan
1:16.6  :59 
1:16.3 :59 
1:16.4 :59 

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