Sunday, September 2, 2012


I think August went pretty well.  I ran 413 miles which is the most I've done in a month in 2012.  I also raced 13 times which is the most I've ever done in ANY month.  The 13 races ranged from 100 meters to 10 km, I won 4 of them, set masters personal bests in 3, and was top master in 8.  The high points were picking up U.S. championship medals in the 5,000 (bronze) at the outdoor track champoinships, and a gold at the U.S. 10km trail championships.

Some pictures from this month:
bullet hole in our rental car!
5000 @ track nationals

Roan High Knob - 6,000'

We debated waht "Stay behind wall" meant...

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