Thursday, October 18, 2012

A week in Acadia - Part 1

Hike from Sand Beach (0’) to Great Head (145’) .3 up, total loop 2.1 miles, a very mild trail…but wet rock made a few spots tricky.

Beech Mountain fire tower hike from parking area (500’) to Beech Mountain (839’) in .4, loop total 1.2 miles.  Cool fire tower on top and some excellent views.
Beech Cliff hike from parking area (500’) to Beech Cliff (600’) in .2, loop total 1.0 miles.  Very mild hike, opportunities to stand right on the Cliffside (I opted to stay away as much as possible).

Acadia Mountain hike from road via Acadia trail 180’ to 681’ in 1 mile, some steep sections but mostly a very nice trail.
Run down Acadia (681’-180’), then down Man o’ War fire road to Valley Cove (20’). Then on the Flying Mountain trail which was BRUTAL lots of technical up/down which was kind of funny because it rarely climbed more than 100’ but man was that some scary climb/descent.  Valley Cove to Flying Mountain (20’ – 284’) in .6 in 10:06.  Drop down to Valley cove then traverse via Valley Peak (521’) .5 in 10:24, continuing to St Sauveur (679’), .4 in 8:02 for a total run of 1:42:50

4 mile run up Cadillac Mountain (1535’) from the park loop road (400’) to the summit via the auto road.  Started before sunrise and hit the top at sunrise, 30’s and windy.

Hike South Bubble (766’) from the Bubbles Parking area (440’) 1.1 miles then .4 down to col (700’) and up to North Bubble (872’) in .7, then hike down to Jordan Pond Hand Carry trail where I started a run.

Run Jordan Hand Carry trail to Jordan Pond trail (340’) then up Deer Brook trail and Sargent Mountain south ridge to Sargent Mountain (1373’).  Deer brook was a nice climb up the valley and the Sargent Mtn trail was just awesome, lots of open granite to run on steady easy climb, 32:15 for the 2.7 miles to the top.  Ran down to Sargent Mountain Pond (1100’) then up to Penobscot Mountain (1194’) – 34:45.  Descent from Penobscot to Jordan Pond via the Penobscot Mountain trail.

Run up Day Mountain (583’) from Bubble Pond parking lot via a loop on the carriage road – total 1:45:53.

Traverse from the Nature Center (80’) to Huguenot Head (710’) via Beachcroft trail 1 mile, then to Champlain Mountain (1058’) in .6 miles total 30:21.  Then descent to the Bowl and Saddle 460’ (26:35) to Halfway Mountain (500’) via a bushwhack (no marker on the summit) then whack back to the trail and on to 300’ before climbing up to Gorham Mountain (525’) over a half mile.  From Gorham I descended to the Park Road via the Bowl Trail and then ran over 3.5 miles on the road back to the Nature Center.  Total for the run was 2:00:11.

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