Friday, October 19, 2012

Acadia part 2

Started the day with a 6 mile run on the Carriage road that included a climb up Conners Nubble (591’) from 300’ in 2.5 miles (25:42) then back to the trailhead.  There was a great view of Eagle Lake from the top of Conners.  I continued up the Park Road (300’) to the saddle at 500’ then up a fire road to a clearing and a bushwhack (very open woods) to the summit of McFarland Mountain (724’), the mile from the Eagle Lake parking lot to the summit took 10:45 and I came down in 9:45.  There was no view from the top but there was a USGS marker, a cairn, and a couple of pennies on the highest point.

9:45am Parked at the Wildwood Stables (200’) and ran to the Triad (698’) via Pemetic SE trail.  From the Triad I continued up the Pemetic SE trail to Pemetic Mountain (1248’) 1.9 miles total from Wildwood in 22:12.  Dropped down 1.1 miles to the Carriage road via Pemetic Mtn NE trail then 3+ miles back on the Carriage road.  Total for the run 1:28:53 for the 6+ mile loop.

12:30pm Parked at the Gatehouse on Route 3 (near Lower Hadlock Pond) ran down Hadlock Pond road (200’) then up via the Norumbega Mountain trail to the summit (852’) in 25:36 for the 1.7 miles.  Ran down the same way to the Gatehouse in 18:13 then 1.5 miles on crappy trail from the Map House up the Eliot Mountain trail to the summit (456’) in 13:52 (from the Gatehouse) and down in 12:02.  total time 1:21:35 for 6+ miles. Both mountains had no view from the summit.  Norumbega had some open ledges prior to the summit with views of Hadlock Pond and South to the Northeast Harbor and beyond.

7:30am parked at the Pumping station (60’) off of Long Pond Road.  Ran Cold Brook trail to Gilley Field  and on to Mill Field then up Bernard Mtn South Face trail to the summit South Summit (1000’) and the North summit of Bernard Mountain (1071’) in 32:56 over 2.3 miles.  Dropped down to Little Notch (860’) then ascended to Knight Nubble (960’).  From Knight Nubble it took me 15:27 to drop down to Great Notch (660’) and 9:25 to cover the ½ mile ascent to Mansell Mountain (949’) then 29:49 to get back to the Pumping Station via Great Notch trail, Mill field, Gilley Field and Cold Brook trail.  Total time for the run was 1:31:59 for 6+ miles.

12:30 pm Parked on Route 3 just North of Upper Hadlock Pond (360’) and ran up to Bald Peak (974’) via the Parkman Mountain trail 1.6 miles in 21:30.  Great view from the top of Parkman, Gilmore, Sargent, and Penobscot mountains.  Dropped back down to the col (760’) and up to Parkman Mountain (941’) in 6:12.  Wind was howling so I didn’t spend any time on top and dropped down .2 to the col (740’) and ascended .3 to the top of Gilmore Peak (1020’).  I continued down the Grandgent trail to the waterfalls Bridge (480’).  Wow, that was a nasty rocky, wet trail!  From the bridge I ran up Hadlock brook trail to Birch spring trail and up to Cedar Swamp Mountain (942’).  It took me 13:45 to climb up and I was down to Route 3 in a total of 1:44:16 for the 6+ mile loop.

4:30 PM Started the run on the park road where it becomes one-way.  Dropped from 400 to 200’ then (12:19) then hit the Kebo path, it took me 4:39 to reach Kebo Peak (407’).  I continued on another 28:12 to reach Dorr Mountain (1270’) and only stayed on the summit long enough to take a few pictures of Cadillac Mountain as the sun set behind it.  Next up was a very steep short drop via the North Ridge trail to the Gorge (1020’) and the ascent to Cadillac Mountain (1528’) including a loop over the paved summit loop trail.  Total time for the  run was 1:08:51.

Total 33 peaks
Total run during the week = 114 miles

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