Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week Ending 10-14-12

The good news - I got 114 miles in this week.  The bad news - my 'tweaked' hamstring has gotten progressively worse since the USATF NE 5km champs in Lowell two weeks ago.  I've already skipped two races and may have no choice but to sit out the two big races I had planned the next two weekend.

M - Double loop in Witch Hole (I think that name is hilarious) 9 miles in 77:42
       PM out/back 7 miles on Hio road in Acadia 58:43

T - 6am run up Cadillac mountain via the road 4m in 39:38
      730am Aunt Betty pond loop at Eagle lake 6+ miles in 53:13
      Noon run up and over Sargent mountain and on the ridge to Penobscot and down 7 miles in 1:38:54

W - 12 miles on the Carriage paths including a run up and over Day mountain 1:45:43
1:30 PM  9 miles traversing Champlain Mountain to Gorham Mountain and back via the park road in 2:00:11

Th - 7am 7+ miles on Eagle Lake including Connors nubble and a bushwack to bag McFarland mtn 1:06:25
       10am 6+ miles traverse of The Triad and Pemetic Mountain 1:28:53
       12:30pm 6+ miles travers of Norumbega mountain and added Eliot Mountain 1:21:35

F - 730am 6+ mile Bernard Mountain traverse including Mansell mountain 1:31:59
      1230pm 6+ miles Parkman Mountain traverse with four other peaks 1:44:19
        430pm 5+ mile run up Kebo, Dorr, and finished at the summit of Cadillac Mountain at sunset 1:08:51

S - 8 miles in the morning at Witch Hole 67:37
      5 miles in the afternoon with TiVO at Winnekenni 43:37

Sun - 7+ with Petey and Dave La on the rail trail 59:59
         Later 4 miles on the 10m course in Concord 33:11

Week - 114
Month - 208
Year - 3,613
Life - 117,686 

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