Friday, November 16, 2012

Left handed?

I’ve been a proud lefty since I first picked up a crayon back in my formative days.  The first thing I look for in a picture of a runner is what hand they have their watch on (I wear mine on my right hand).  Lately I’m pondering how left-handed I am.

I write and eat left-handed but most everything else is done “righty”.  Mostly I can trace that back to the lack of left-handed sports gear.  I used a right-handed baseball glove because that was the only one available so I learned to throw right-handed and other sports naturally fell to right-handed.  Computers, and specifically a mouse, are where lefties rule.  I can use my left-handed mouse and at the same time use a key pad.  That came in very handy when working in Accounting.  While working at the IRS I became adept at using either a right handed or left handed mouse.  I often had to help other employees and they would all have a right handed mouse so I’d gotten used to it out of necessity.  Over time I could easily switch from one to the other.  So much so that I now have BOTH a left and a right-handed mouse at my work desk.  If I’m writing (or eating) and using the mouse at the same time I’ll just switch to right-handed and then move back to left.  I always found it funny when I told someone “that is a left-handed mouse” and inevitably they click the wrong mouse button and not be able to figure out why they were wrong (don’t get me going about “right click” which is only the proper way to access shortcuts IF you are using a right handed mouse).

Anyway, the whole point of this story is that I recently bought a laptop computer and realized after the first couple of days that without a mouse I had been using the touch-pad exclusively with my right hand.  It just came naturally to do that…so am I really left handed? 

This may keep me awake at night.

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Sara said...

My new project at work is now to learn to drive a lefty mouse.