Saturday, November 17, 2012

USATF New England - XC

I’ve run 110 USATF New England championships but haven’t run a Cross-Country (XC) championship since 1995.  This Sunday I’ll be joining my CMS teammates in Westfield to take on the best XC runners in New England.
Here are my totals for USATF NE championships:
Indoor Track – 1                                                            
Outdoor Track – 1
Ultra (50km) – 1
Trail – 4
XC – 5
Mountain – 11
Road – 88

It’s been 25 years since my first NE XC championship and 17 years since my last.
Here are my results at the USATF NE champs:
11/15/87 Marlborough, MA           10k       29:57    3rd place             Field = 300        
11/13/88 Smithfield, RI                10k       32:19    12th place           Field = 200        
11/12/89 Smithfield, RI                10k       32:15    17th place           Field = 154        
11/15/92 Smithfield, RI                10k       30:55    4th place             Field = 95
11/12/95 Boston, MA                  10k       32:08    36th place           Field =159          (Team lost to BRC by 29 seconds)

I’m hoping for a top 25 finish this weekend (based on previous years results), but will be happy with any result as long as I give it my best (and my hamstring holds up!).


Diana said...

How can the team lose by 29 seconds? Didn't they use cross country (place) scoring? Perhaps it was a tie, and the tie-breaker was not the place of the sixth runner, but total time?

double-d said...

I'm not sure, but I believe at the time the scoring was best 5 by time like it is in the road GP.