Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yes I'm town bagging again!

Started the new year with a visit to a few towns and some high points...

Dunbarton – unnamed hill 920’

Got to Dunbarton at 6:30am and parked at the library (800’).  Ran up route 13 past the hill to get the 3 miles I wanted.  On the way back I headed into the hill.  There is a cell tower on the opposite side of 13 where I went in.  I ran across the summit in about 6” of snow.  It is tree covered but easy to run through, I kicked around to make sure I got the top of the top.  Back to the car before sunrise.

Weare – 3 peaks which may be the highest point in town (Mine Hill 1,211’ & Mt Wallingford 1,210 & Mt Dearborn 1,211)

I parked at the cemetery (900’) and ran up the road to the top of Mine hill.  From Mine hill I attempted to bushwhack to Mt Wallingford but ran into houses on the saddle between the two.  I worked my way south to the road then found a nice logging road (?) on Mt Wallingford.  It was not posted.  I came back down the same way and then hit the cemetery in the saddle between Mine Hill and Dearborn.  Headed southeast up Dearborn in about 6” of snow.  The top wasn’t clear but it was very easy for running.  The summit had a stone and also a hunters stand.  I climbed the hunters stand but the view was no better.  The sun was just coming up when I returned to my car.

New Boston – Joe English 1,270’

I parked at the end of Summit road in the circle.  There was a couple digging their car out of a snow bank, I think they lived at the house after the circle.  I asked if it was okay to run up the road and they said all were welcome.  I followed a well worn track to the summit and spooked a couple of deer about half-way up.  The wind was howling on top, but I took a few minutes to take in the view.  Zipped back down, probably should have used some sort of traction device (or even snowshoes) but I was being lazy. 

Lyndeborough – Rose Mountain 1,730 (highest SUMMIT in Lyndeborough – Highest point is park of North Pack Monadnock)

I parked in a pull-out right near the town line (in Francestown) just north of the Cemetery (845’).  There was about a foot of snow on the ground so I went with snowshoes.  The running was slow.  Some of the trail had snowmobile activity which made for good footing but most of the way up was untracked.  The road (or was it a stream bed?) was obvious to follow but it zig-zagged across the mountain after about the 1,300’ mark.  Eventually I decided to head straight up and did the last 200’ of climbing as a bushwhack.  The woods were pretty open.  Views from the top were nice, including a great view of Mt Monadnock.  I didn’t linger long as the wind was really blowing and I was cold from the sweaty effort of climbing (44 minutes).  It was a lot easier coming down and I was back at the car 27 minutes later.

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