Monday, April 22, 2013

Red Shoe Barn 5m

My original plan for this weekend was to race at the NHTI 5k on Friday night and then see how I bounced back with the Red Shoe Barn 5 mile on Sunday.  The idea being, if I’m going to attempt the Hollis 5k (USATF NE champs) and come back and race Mt Washington, it would be best to see how my body handles the two races in 36 hours.  Anyway, I felt lousy on Friday and decided that I’d be better served with just taking it easy and head to Dover on Sunday as fresh as possible.

I made a brief detour on the way to the race and visited Garrison hill which has a cool viewing tower.  It was sunny and clear but very windy on top of the tower.  It wasn’t much less windy at ground level when I headed out on the course for my 3 mile warm-up.  The only good was that the wind seemed to be “mostly” a cross wind with the exception being the final mile.  That final mile also happens to be almost all down-hill so I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad.  I was hoping for a time under 27:49 (which I’d run there two years ago) and I thought on a perfect day I might challenge my masters PR (27:22).  This was not a perfect day.  I changed into racing flats and headed out for another mile with some strides and went to the start line.

I met up with Nacho Hernando on the line (he asked me why I skipped Friday night’s race...which he won) and saw that Scott McGrath was present along with Nate Huppe.  I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about Scott on Nate, they’d be well ahead of what I could run.  I was hoping Nacho wasn’t too beat up from Friday and we’d be able to work together.  Over 500 of us took off and Scott and Nate were gone by the first turn.  Nacho was right with me and Ryan Aschbrenner went by about ½ mile in.  I stuck right with Ryan and along with Nacho we were never more than a couple of strides apart. We hit the mile mark in 5:27.  I had hoped to be in the 5:30-5:35 range and was very happy with the split, I had been a bit nervous that it felt like a little harder than I hoped (which I then attributed to us moving along at a good clip).

The second mile is the quickest with a modest drop and on this day a decent tail wind.  We hit two in 10:40, or 5:13 for the second mile.  Nacho made a bit of a move right after 2, but maybe he was just getting ahead for the water-stop?  Anyway we reeled him back in as we turned the corner at 2.2 miles.  This is when the wind became a factor, from this point on it would be either a cross or head-wind.  No one tucked in and most of the time we were three across.  On this certified course we took advantage of every tangent we could (surprisingly it didn’t look like either Scott or Nate were doing the same).  Three miles was reached in 16:20 (5:40 split) and we stayed grouped through 4 miles in 21:58 (5:38 split).

I had hoped to make a move on the final uphill right after the 4 mile mark, but Nacho apparently thought the same and he gapped us on the short but tough climb.  I regrouped and slightly pulled ahead of Ryan as I caught Nacho on the downhill.  With about ½ mile to go we were dead-even and I was already in full kick.  Ryan had closed the gap but was still a step behind.  With 400 to go Nacho took a peek at his watch and BOOM he was off.  I had no gear to go to and tried to keep rolling.  I could see the clock and it started clicking numbers way faster than it should have!  I crossed the line in 27:20.9 for fourth place and top master’s spot.  Needless to say I was happy with the results and now I’m really looking for a fast time at the USATF masters 10km championships next weekend.

    1   1/41   M2029   26:15   5:15 Scott McGrath          26 M   510 Andover MA                   
    2   1/51   M3039   26:56   5:24 Nathan Huppe           33 M   446 Dover NH                RR   
    3   1/9     M1519   27:17   5:28 Nacho Hernando         19 M   370 Manchester NH           GSRT 
    4   1/30   M4549   27:21*  5:29 Dave Dunham            49 M   240 Bradford MA             GCS  
    5   2/51   M3039   27:22   5:29 Ryan Aschbrenner       35 M   130 Nashua NH               GCS  
    6   2/41   M2029   28:06   5:38 Timothy Mallard        23 M   148 Pelham NH               GCS  
    7   1/27   M4044   28:17   5:40 Fergus Cullen          40 M   479 Dover NH                     
    8   3/41   M2029   28:52   5:47 Humza Jafferji         24 M   290 Pelham NH               GCS  
    9   3/51   M3039   28:54   5:47 Jimmie Cochran III     38 M    63 Sandown NH              GDTC 
   10   2/30   M4549   28:57   5:48 Patrick Connelly       49 M   365 Chester NH              GDTC 
   11   1/27   M5054   29:01   5:49 Randy Macneill         51 M   420 Epping NH               GCS  
   12   4/51   M3039   29:14   5:51 Bob Swarthout          32 M   374 Dover NH                ACIDO
   13   4/41   M2029   29:16   5:52 Miles Brady            22 M   380 Durham NH                    
   14   5/51   M3039   29:21   5:53 Jasmin Lepir           37 M   505 Portsmouth NH                
   15   6/51   M3039   29:29   5:54 Gregory Hagley         35 M   514 Lebanon NH              UVRC 
   16   2/9     M1519   29:32   5:55 Logan Hatch            19 M   242 Rochester NH                 
   17   2/27   M4044   29:36   5:56 Tyler Brannen          40 M   395 Nashua NH               GCS  
   18   5/41   M2029   29:37   5:56 Daniel Dion            27 M   373 Dover NH                     
   19   3/27   M4044   29:43   5:57 Michael Fraysse        41 M   188 Derry NH                GDTC 
   20   2/27   M5054   29:49   5:58 Charlie Bemis          50 M   372 Derry NH                GDTC 
   21   1/75   F3039   29:50   5:58 Denise Sandahl         32 F    42 Rochester NH                 
   22   3/30   M4549   29:51   5:59 Brian Oneil            46 M   539 Andover MA                   
   23   4/27   M4044   29:51   5:59 Geoff Dunbar           42 M   376 Hanover NH              UVRC 
   24   7/51   M3039   29:59   6:00 Justin Soucy           31 M   192 Hudson NH               GCS  
   25   4/30   M4549   30:03   6:01 Tom Varick             48 M   133 Litchfield NH           GDTC 

    1 M4549   27:21   24:07 Dave Dunham            49 M   240 Bradford MA             GCS  
    2 M5054   29:01   25:11 Randy Macneill         51 M   420 Epping NH               GCS  
    3 M4549   28:57   25:31 Patrick Connelly       49 M   365 Chester NH              GDTC 
    4 M5054   29:49   26:05 Charlie Bemis          50 M   372 Derry NH                GDTC 
    5 M6064   33:54   26:33 Scott Abercrombie      63 M   220 Salem NH                GDTC 
    6 M6569   35:33   26:35 Rick Stetson           68 M   187 Duixbury MA             GCS  
    7 M3039   26:56   26:38 Nathan Huppe           33 M   446 Dover NH                RR   
    8 M1519   27:17   26:42 Nacho Hernando         19 M   370 Manchester NH           GSRT  
    9 M4549   30:03   26:42 Tom Varick             48 M   133 Litchfield NH           GDTC 
   10 M6064   33:15   26:44 Perry Seagroves        60 M   366 Concord NH              GSRT 


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