Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SEA 5k

The SEA 5k is one of my favorite early spring races.  It is a certified 5k that is dead-flat and always has some decent competition.  I was hoping to run under 17 and had a stretch goal of breaking 16:40.  The wind was blowing very strong when Scott Clark and I warmed up on the course.  The only good thing about the wind was that it wasn't consistent and when it was it seemed to be a cross-wind.

After 3 miles I changed into my new Piranah 6 ounce racing flats and did another mile with some strides.  The start was a bit quick with a bunch of "youngsters" heading out very fast.  Eric Williams went out into the lead with Nacho Hernando in pursuit.  I found myself in just inside the top 10 in the first 400 meters but by 800 meters I had moved up into third.  At the mile (519) I was 15 seconds back and 5 behind Nacho.  By 1.5 I'd caught Nacho (who had outkicked me for the win last weekend).  Nacho found another gear and we hit 2 miles together in 1047 (528).  I knew I needed to gap him if I wanted to beat him but just couldn't shake him during the last mile.  We ran side by side neither giving the other a break.  We hit 3 matching strides in 1615 (528) and then Nacho was gone.  He put four seconds on me in the last .1 and I thought I had a good kick running 32 and change.

The 16:48.6 is my best time in over 2 years so I'm definitely pleased.  Next up:  Bow Lake 5k

1          16:19    Eric Williams        48         M          Concord NH
2          16:45    Nacho Hernando 19         M          Manchester NH
3          16:49    Dave Dunham     49         M          Bradford MA       CMS
4          17:23    Scott Clark         47         M          Gilmanton NH      CMS
5          17:27    Warren Bartlett   15         M          Loudon NH
6          17:31    Ryan Lafrance     15         M          Gilford NH
7          17:43    Vinny Tevnan     17         M          Boscawen NH
8          17:49    Tyler Harding      21         M          Walpole NH
9          17:52    Andrew Bengtson           37         M          Concord NH
10         17:58    Mark Roy            17         M          Boscawen NH
11         18:00    Neal Graves        30         M          Croydon NH
12         18:10    Mark Richardson  19         M          Concord NH
13         18:15    Sean Snow         46         M          Dunbarton NH
14         18:19    Jennifer Mortimer            31         F           New London NH
15         18:26    Sam Wood         26         M          Laconia NH         CMS
16         18:29    Owen Clark         16         M          Bow NH
17         18:35    Abbey Wood      27         F           Laconia NH         CMS

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