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US masters 10km championships

US masters 10km road championships

I had big goals going into this race, maybe too big?  I felt I was in pretty good shape going into this race and I tapered for the week leading up to the race.  It seemed like I did very little running at all, logging a mere 81 miles.  I was definitely excited about this race, knowing that the best masters runners in New England would turn out.  I didn’t really have a place goal but I definitely had a time goal.  I ran 34:28 at James Joyce two years ago and my current road times indicated I should be faster.  Anything short of a masters PR (34:27) would be disappointing.  I thought 34:10-34:15 was realistic and that if the stars aligned I might have a shot at breaking 34.

Tim Van Orden joined me and we arrived at the race 90 minutes before the start.  We needed extra time to track down our CMS teammates; there was a new rule that required us all to wear the same singlet.  Thanks to Jim Pawlicki we had some matching tops from a few years back.  It was a who’s who of New England racing, everywhere you turned you saw another fast guy (or gal).  We met up with Greg Putnam and “the silver fox” Mike Quintal and headed out for a three mile warm-up.  Whenever possible, I warm-up out/back over the last 1.5 of the course in order to get a clear picture of the final stretch of the race will be like.  It definitely helps when you are tired to have a good idea of how much ground is left to cover.  We had a funny moment with about ¾ of a mile to go when Jason Porter showed up on a motorcycle and asked us where the start was.  He sure was cutting it close!

After the warm-up I switched into racing flats and headed out with TiVO for another mile with some strides.  Then we headed to the line.  I found a spot on the line and after a rousing rendition of the national anthem we were off.  The separate start for us meant that the masters would have an easy time racing against each other, this was also helped by color coded numbers on each competitors back with you age category on it (a big “45” on my back).  It felt like we were moving pretty quickly during the first mile and I struggled a bit to find my pace.  I found myself just inside the top 25 when I rolled through the mile in 5:12.  Yikes, that is why it felt fast.  I had run 5:18 two years ago and my goal was 5:20 on this day.  I guess the slight downhill and the 15mph tail-wind may have pushed us along.

I eased a bit during the second mile and found myself losing ground on the big pack in front of me but not losing any places.  Someone called 21st or 22nd  before the two mile mark.  I hit 2 in 10:46 (5:34 split) which was about 9 seconds slower than I’d hoped.  I upped the tempo a bit and aimed for the big group in front of me.  They seemed to string out a bit during the third mile and I found myself passing a bunch of guys before hitting three miles in 16:16 (5:30 split).  That was pretty much spot-on the time I’d hoped for.  It seemed like only one guy (Brian Pilcher age 56, who ran a 32:58 last year!) went with me.  By 5k I found myself alone with Joe Noonan (Green Mountain AA) six to eight seconds ahead of me.

I set myself to go after Joe and hit four miles in 21:54 (5:38 split) which was about 8 seconds behind what I wanted.  I was still thinking PR but also thought that sub-34 was now gone.  The fourth mile had some rollers so I was hoping to knock it down to 5:30 for the fifth mile.  I gained a second or two on Joe and could see Francis Burdett and Greg Putnam about 20 seconds ahead.  Someone called out 11th place and I was thinking that top ten would be great, but was more interested in my time.  I hit 5 miles in 27:35 (5:41 split) which was 11 seconds behind schedule.  I felt I had run a solid mile and the guys in front of me were coming back (ever so slightly).  The wind and the 70 degree temps were definitely a factor for me.  I still was thinking “5:30 for the final mile and I’ll PR” and I was also trying to slide into the top 10.  The last mile uphill (slightly) and into the wind, took both of those out of the picture.  I ran 5:42 for the last mile (6m in 33:17) and kicked with all I had but could not get closer than two seconds from 10th place.

The effort was there, but the time was not.  Looking at the field there certainly wasn’t anyone in front of me who I think I should beat and there were guys behind me who I can normally beat me…so I guess it was a good race.  To top things off CMS won the Gold!  This was a shocker as we haven’t been the top team at any of the New England championships.  I guess it was just a good day for us (and a lot of teams may have still been feeling the heavy legs from running the Boston Marathon).

1  32:48              5:17    Kevin Collins        42         Liverpool NY       Syracuse TC
2  33:08              5:20    Kent Lemme       46         Pittsfield MA       GSH
3  33:27              5:23    Christopher Magill 40         Cumberland RI    BAA
4  33:37              5:25    Gregory Picklesimer 46     Newton MA       
5  33:50              5:27    Mark Hixson        48         Simsbury CT       HTC
6  33:55              5:28    Joseph Navas      42         N Eastham MA    WRT
7  34:12              5:31    Greg Putnam      43         Stoneham MA     CMS
8  34:15              5:31    Francis Burdett    48         Worcester MA     GSH
9  34:25              5:33    Erik Nedeau        41         Belchertown MA  NBB
10 34:27              5:33    Joe Noonan        45         Burlington VT     GMAA
11 34:29              5:33    Dave Dunham     49         Bradford MA       CMS
12 34:36              5:35    Brian Pilcher        56         Ross CA             Tamalpa
13 34:51              5:37    Michael Cooney   51         Chelmsford MA    WRT
14 34:55              5:38    Wayne Levy       47         Waban MA         BAA
15 34:57              5:38    Jason Porter       43         Bedford NH        CMS
16 35:03              5:39    John Noland       50         Kingston MA       WRT
17 35:03              5:39    Justin Renz         41         Milton MA           HFC
18 35:08              5:40   Pete Bottomley   51         Cape Eliz. ME      Dirigo
19 35:21              5:42    Jason Cakouros   47         Milton MA           HFC
20 35:32              5:43    Kevin Delaney     44         Arlington MA       CSU
21 35:33              5:44    Joseph O'Leary   45         Medford MA        SRR
22 35:41              5:45   Mark Reeder       53         Brighton MA       GLRR
23 35:44              5:45    Tim Van Orden   44         Bennington VT   CMS
24 35:44              5:45    Paul Doe                        53         Derry NH            WRT
25 35:49              5:46   Norm Larson       57         Burlington VT     GMAA

                           MEN'S 40+ TEAM RESULTS

  1. 1:43:41 CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   (  34:34)
  1    34:12  Greg Putnam                      Stoneham MA             CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   
  2    34:30  Dave Dunham                      Bradford MA             CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   
  3    34:59  Jason Porter                     Bedford NH              CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   
  4 (  35:44) Tim Van Orden                    Bennington VT           CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   
  5 (  39:50) Scott Deslongchamps              Putnam CT               CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   

  2. 1:44:41 BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSN.                   (34:54)
  3. 1:47:08 WHIRLAWAY RACING TEAM                 (35:43)
  4. 1:47:33 GREEN MOUNTAIN ATHLETIC ASSN.     (35:51)
  5. 1:49:03 HFC STRIDERS                                    (36:21)
  6. 1:49:40 GREATER SPRINGFIELD HARRIERS        (36:34)
  7. 1:52:11 SOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS               (37:24)
  8. 1:53:30 GREATER BOSTON TRACK CLUB            (37:50)
  9. 2:02:50 CAMBRIDGE SPORTS UNION                 (40:57)
10. 2:17:42 SOMERVILLE ROAD RUNNERS B             (45:54)
11. 2:49:59 CAPE COD ATHLETIC CLUB                    (56:40)

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