Thursday, June 6, 2013

10th trip to Ascutney

This weekend I'll head up to Mount Ascutney for the 10th time.  I've got one win and four second place finishes.  Ascutney is a great tune-up for the Mt Washington road race, it is half the distance of Mt W and the average climb is comparable.  I'm hoping that the lingering soreness from Bretton Woods will be gone by Sunday and that my calf muscles will hold up.

06/23/013.8029:39.02104Morse pulled away at 1.5
06/28/033.8030:23.0280Morse gone right away, ran with Bolt through 2m
06/11/053.8033:38.06812Hot and Humid.  
07/15/063.8033:42.02551Ran at 7AM then did timing/scoring 
07/14/073.8031:32.011001Took lead from Mahoney at 1m.
07/12/083.8031:08.031312Morse 29:40
07/12/094.0038:44.03176111 sec back at 2.3m then trail. Ugly, nasty trail.
07/11/103.8032:05.061911Blake new CR 28:14
07/22/123.8031:04.021741New 40+ PR by 4 seconds, battled Krause until last 1/2 mile

On the summit in 2012


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