Wednesday, July 3, 2013

North Carolina - Day 2

Day Two 06-28-2013:
Joanna Bald - Unsuccessful attempt.  Drove up the access road but it was gated and locked with a sign stating the road was closed (dated March 2013).  Running it from there would have been a bit over 14 miles round trip and I was already getting 20 miles for the day.  As such I had to skip this one.

Oak Knob - 5,440'
1.6 mile round trip including Oak and Huckleberry knobs from 5,300’ up in 9:58 on top for 1:55 down in 8:25

Huckleberry Knob - 5,650'
1.6 mile round trip including Oak and Huckleberry knobs from 5,300’ up in 9:58 on top for 1:55 down in 8:25

Shuckstack - 4,024'
11 miles round trip with 2,700’ of climb and descent.  Felt sick at the start due to a bit of car sickness from the twisting road leading up to the trailhead (Twenty Mile trail).  Great run-able trail to Proctor field gap, and then still okay after that on the Appalachian trail.  Total time 2:11:13.  First 3m in 36:42, next 2 in 29:15, last part to the top 7:04, on top for 6:24, back to trail junction in 5:17, next two miles in 18:52, last 3 in 25:30.  Very humid but not too hot (80 low and 60’s on top).

Wesser Bald - 4,626'
767’ climb from Tellico gap 3.8 miles round trip up in 19:36, on top for 3:26, down in 14:40.  Tellico road was wild, very narrow and twisty, lots of fun (white knuckle).  Nice run-able section of the Appalachian trail.  Quite a few cars parked at the gap but I had the trail to myself.  Sunny and hot in the 80s.

Cowee Bald - 4,944'
Short run on the forest road, so I added on about another mile to get in a 2 mile run.  80’s and very humid, met up with some mountain bikers who were about to bike down the forest road.  Up in 5:57, on top for 1:33, down in 4:49, added on 7:52.  4,800’ – 4,944’.  Drove out via the forest road to the north, the road was okay but there were three stream crossings that might have been tough in higher water (I was in a Toyota Yaris).

Mt Noble - 3,840'
Drove up Adams creek road, bottomed out pretty bad but my fault for driving too fast.  Parked 1m from the top so I could get in a 2 mile run.  It was 80’s and humid and there was a rumble of thunder when I was on the tower and a sprinkle of rain by the time I hit the car.  Torrential downpour when I got to the hotel.  Up in 9:18, on top for 3:38, down in 6:54.  The cab was a bit torn up and had a big hole in the floor.

Day 2 Totals - 1 County high point, 4 fire towers, 20 miles of running in 3:51, 4,340’ of climb/descent, drove 205 miles.

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