Thursday, August 15, 2013

15 Years ago

15 years ago – August 1998: My long range goal was to attempt a qualifier for the Olympic trials marathon, so my racing (and training) had been a bit up and down during this month. I had some back issues earlier in the year (stress fracture sacrum) and in the middle of August I got a cortisone shot in my SI joint and missed a few days. I started the month running the Beach to Beacon 10k as a workout. I ran it in 33:47 and was pleased with the easy effort. Near the end of the month I returned to Italy and the lack of healthy training showed as I finished in 24th place. The training in Zermatt the following week was a lot of fun and for the early part of the race I ran with Eric Morse. I felt I’d had a better run here taking 12th in a field of over 600. Both of these mountain races were also tune-ups for the Worlds which would be in mid-September on the Island of Reunion.

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Greg said...

Way to go CMS! This stuff is fascinating. Maybe in another ten years I'll start posting on my running past, like you I have every run logged though I don't keep quite as many statistics!