Wednesday, August 14, 2013

20 Years ago

20 years ago – August 1993: I worked pretty hard this month with my goal being the World Mountain running championships in Gap France in September. I averaged just over 100 miles a week and raced four times. The first race was a return to the Yankee Homecoming race which served as the New England 10 mile championships. It was 90 and humid at the start (isn’t that typical for Newburyport in August?). I ended up taking third place in a disappointing 50:25. Two weeks later I headed down to Worcester mid-week to get in a “hard workout” at the CMS 5k series. I ran 14:59 and noted in my training diary “felt shitty”. Four days later I was in the mountains of Italy climbing 5,000’ over 9.5 miles at the Challenge Stellina. I took second place and became an “Italian millionaire” which with the current exchange rate for Lira came out to over $1,000. I spent the next week training in Zermatt Switzerland and raced at the Matterhorn Lauf a 4,100’ climb over 7.6 miles. The altitude was tough as the race started at 5,000’ but the week at that height had me prepared. I took 2nd place in a field of about 400.


Greg said...

Awesome stuff! I love these posts looking back in time. They must be quite nostalgic for you!

MTNRUNR said...

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing and love the pictures! Looks like Matt Cull with you?

Anonymous said...

Correct! Matt Cull, Jay Johnson, and Lyndon Ellefson.