Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Peark Bagging - Part 2

I wasn't too sore when I got up on Thursday morning and hit the road at 5am.  I ran up Kane Mountain to start the day and was greeted by something of a sunrise as the sun poked through some clouds.  The 1.8 mile run with 630' of climb/drop took me 27:58.

Next up was Snowy Mountain which was a long 7.8 mile trail run with over 2,100' of climb/descent.  The first half was very enjoyable and very run-able.  The 2nd half not so much so.  It was totally socked in when I got to the summit.

I got to Gore Mountain a bit earlier than expected and found out the lift runs every day starting at 11am.  With some time to burn I headed out for a 4 mile run on the road.  I felt that the 9+ miles up/down Gore would be a bit much knowing that I'd be aiming for Katahdin the next day.  I still had a 3 mile run with 600' of climb/drop once I got to the top of the Gondola.  I had the ski area to myself as it was drizzly and fogged in.
A very small sheriff's office

After Gore, I drove 2+ hours to Montpelier to meet up with Eric and Murdoch.  We closed out the day with a 2.5 mile run in the city park and then feasted on Hawaiian pizza.

Kane Mountain fire tower
Hamilton County high point (and fire tower)
Warren County high point (and fire tower)

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