Monday, August 5, 2013

Peak bagging - part 1

I headed out to NY to bag some fire towers and county high points.  I'm closing in on 200 county high points and had a little free time and an open weekend (no races) so off I went.

I started out at 3:30 am driving the 220 miles to Henry hill where I kicked around in the woods bagging the locations needed to claim the county high point.  Then it was off to Huntersfield Mountain where I had a nice 4+ mile run on dirt roads and trail.  The surprise at this location was randomly finding the "Mtn fun finders" Geocache.  Nice extra bonus!

Next up was Hunter Mountain a tough 4.4 mile run with 2,210' of climb.  It was worth it for the view from the fire tower.  My ankle tendonitis flared up a bit and that made the downhill rough.  Next up was a trip up Mt Tremper via the Phonecia trail.  I liked this one as it was a reasonable grade and fairly run-able.  I covered the 6.4 miles in 1:28:34.

I closed out the day with a 3+ mile run out/back on the main drag in Johnstown, mostly to stretch out my legs but also to scope out where I could fuel up (Subway!). 

It was a pretty good day with cool morning temps and it never got over 80 degrees by the end.  The only bummer was forgetting to charge the camera batteries so no pictures from day 1.

Albany County high point
Schoharie County high point
Green County high point (and fire tower)
Mt Tremper fire tower

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