Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kearsarge - on the Go!

On Thursday I headed back up to Warner NH, this time to attempt Mt Kearsarge on the Elliptigo.  I parked in downtown Warner and cautiously made my way up the road.  This ride had kicked my butt a few weeks back when I did it on the bike.  I was feeling a bit tired during the first 5 miles (700' of climb) and worried that I would not be able to make the REAL climb.

I was pretty happy when I hit the 5m mark in 27:46 which was a little over a minute faster than I'd done on the bike.  I tried to keep a steady pace and knew that once I got through the first mile on the mountain it wouldn't be all that bad.  The last 3.5 climb of 1,300' was tough but being able to see the summit made it easier (last time I was in a big fog bank).  I reached the top in 59:05 which was 1:35 faster than I'd done on the bike.  I took a couple of pictures then the fun part started.

I zipped down to the gate (3.5 miles) in 8:52 which oddly was over a minute faster than I'd biked it.  I thought I was being cautious but maybe the clear view of the road helped me maintain a quick pace.  I tried to hammer on the minor ups and just hang on for dear life on the steeper stuff.  My only real worry was the few frost heaves on the last mile of the down.  After exiting the park I worked my way down to Warner, the two fairly decent uphills were tough but I still managed the final 5 miles in 16:18.  That was again surprisingly 30 seconds faster than I'd done on the bike.  I guess I'm getting used to the Go!

I'm checking out road access and hoping to do all of the paved mountains in New England, always nice to have goals.

Be careful out there!

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