Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week Ending 11-17-13

Week Ending 11-17-13

 I did not feel great this week, maybe it was the 85+ degree temperatures and the high humidity while in the US Virgin Ilsands.  That and the continued issues with my glute/hip and now ankle.  Onward.

M - 615am out/back on the 1.1 mile stretch of flat road plus a short out/back to get a short 10 in 74:59
     130pm loop in the Cinnamon bay ruins then up/down America hill and back to the beach 3+ in 32:58

T - 630am out/back on the 1.1 mile stretch plus 4 min out/back to get 10 miles in 75:48
     1130am 3 on the Reef bay trail to the petroglyphs and Great House ruins and back to Reef bay 38:06

W - 610am up/down St John High point (Bordeaux Mountain) 1.2 along beach, 2.2 up reef bay trail, .4 on Centerline road, 1.4 m on Bordeaux rd, .2 on small trail = 11 miles in 1:56:53

Th - 615am out/back to Rams head (southern point on the island) 14 miles in 2:38:01

F - 615am out/back to Europa bay plus add on out/back trails for 11 miles in 1:55:59
     Noon  3m loop on trails at Sage Mtn national park including the summit in 30:58

Sat - 615am out/back on the one mile flat stretch of road 10 miles in 73:25

Sun - 630am at Petey's 3 on my own into 7 more with Petey in 1:25:55
        Later nice relaxing 4m in 3810

Week = 90
Month = 190
Year = 3,647
Life = 122,422

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