Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowshoe rankings

With the National championships in our backyard (Woodford, VT), I thought I throw out some "ranking" of New England runners.  It has been a tough winter so far with little snow, although I have managed to do 4 snowshoe races so far.  I'm only ranking people who've actually raced and I'm using the USSSA rules, so your age is whatever you will be on Dec. 31, 2014.  Rankings are based on results I've seen, as we get more results I hope to refine this.  Every snowshoe race is different and depth of snow, amount of climb, distance of the race, can all effect how certain runners do.  This is just my current opinion subject to my whims.  If you don't like what I've posted then do your own rankings, they'll be just as official as mine.


Official* New England Snowshoe rankings
*not really official
1 Nick Wheeler BAA
2 Brandon Newboud WRT
3 Jim  Johnson CMS
4 Scott McGrath WRT
5 Kevin Tilton CMS
6 Robert Jackman TNT
7 Mark LaRosa
8 Steve Dowsett WRT
9 Nate Bassett
10 Ryan Welts acidotic
1 Ethan Nedeau acidotic
2 Todd Callaghan GCS
3 James Pawlicki CMS
4 Gregory Putnam CMS
5 Phil Erwin acidotic
6 Ken Tripp CMS
7 Peter Keeney acidotic
8 Derek Dorval WCRC
9 Scott Mitchell acidotic
10 Chris Dunn acidotic
1 Dave Dunham CMS
2 Jeffery Litchfield acidotic
3 Warren Angell TNT
4 Pat Smith Comprehensive
60+ Paul Bazanchuk CMS



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