Monday, January 20, 2014

Whitaker woods snowshoe race

I headed up to North Conway for another running of the Whitaker Woods snowshoe race.  I like this race despite the longish drive (2.5 hours).  Teammate Kevin Tilton puts on a nice event in some great trails and there are indoor facilities which are always a bonus for winter racing.

I got up pretty early and met up with Jim Johnson for a warm-up on the course.  We both used Kahtoolahs and had no trouble with footing during the 33 minutes it took to cover the 3.7 mile loop.  I changed into racing gear and snowshoes and headed out for another mile plus some strides.  A record field was lining up when I returned.

Kevin sent us off and Nick Wheeler and JJ sprinted out to the front.  I found myself in fourth place trailing fellow CMSer Sam Wood.  Wheeler pulled away from JJ on the first climb about 1 mile into the race.  I closed a bit on Sam during that climb but still felt that the pace was quite quick.  Right around 2 miles we got into the longest climb on the course and that is when I moved by Sam.

By that point the leaders were out of sight.  I concentrated on putting some distance on Sam.  The icy footing and rough single-track kept me from "airing it out" but I was moving as fast as I felt could safely run.  I ended up holding onto 3rd but lost a lot of ground to JJ and Sam in the last seven-tenths of a mile.

It was nice to get out there and race, I'm looking forward to some deep slow slogs in the snow...but I'm guessing that the conditions will be fast at Sidehiller next week.

                    132NickWheelerMale 20-29BAA22:04.81
250JimJohnsonMale 30-39CMS 23:16.61
39DaveDunhamMale 40-49CMS 24:59.51
453SamWoodMale 20-29CMS 26:09.02
565TonyHendersonMale 30-39  26:19.92
655PhilErwinMale 40-49Acidotic 26:29.12
747RichardLaversMale 30-39Acidotic 27:09.43
836ScottMitchellMale 40-49Acidotic 27:24.43
939ChristopherDunnMale 40-49Acidotic 27:26.64
1043DamonGannonMale 40-49  27:40.15
1142KristinaFolcikFemale 30-39Acidotic 28:07.61
1266Tom HooperMale 30-39Six03 28:48.34
1354Ron RuhnkeMale 30-39Acidotic 28:50.15
1444MelissaDonaisFemale 20-29CMS 28:53.81
1527JasonSaltmarshMale 40-49  29:06.96
162LeslieBeckwithFemale 30-39Acidotic 29:15.32
1770EricNarcisiMale 30-39Whirlaway 29:24.96
1880JoanieKaijalaFemale 30-39NBB Boston30:13.93
1979TimKaijalaMale 20-29NBB Boston30:14.83
207AndrewCorrowMale 40-49Acidotic 30:16.27

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