Thursday, April 10, 2014


On April 9, 2014 I passed the 200,000 kilometer (124,274 miles) mark for lifetime miles run.  I figured since I’ll never reach 200,000 miles it’d be easier to hit some milestones if I kept track in kilometers.  200,000 kilometers is the same distance the moon was from the earth…about 1 billion years ago (it is now only half the distance to the moon).

Breaking down the numbers, it took me 12,909 days including 1,623 days off to reach 200,000.  That means I averaged 15.5km per day (9.6 miles) or 17.7km (11.0 miles) per day on days run.  It will probably take me more than a decade to get to 150,000 miles and a little after that I can hope to reach 250,000 kilometers.





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GZ said...

Congrats. I am not sure what is more impressive - the number itself that you performed, or that you have logged them all.