Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What is wrong with me?

Prognosis Negative

One of my favorite Seinfeld fake movies is “Prognosis Negative” and although it doesn’t apply to my prognosis (or my diagnosis) I thought it funny. The fictional film "Prognosis: Negative" is named after an unproduced screenplay by Larry David in which the main character wrongly assumes a negative prognosis is bad news.

Anyway, my diagnosis is walking pneumonia.  I got sick back in mid-March and thought I’d kicked it after 2 ½ weeks but never really felt like myself.  I tried upping the tempo in my training runs thinking I was just in a bit of a rut, but even easy runs seemed difficult.  I got slower and slower and the couple of times I race had outcomes of each one was worse than the last.

After running a 10k last weekend in a slower pace than I ran the New Bedford ½ marathon in March, I thought it best to see what was wrong.  Got the walking pneumonia diagnosis and now my prognosis is good J

I’m starting meds today and hope to be back to training and racing again soon.

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Joe S. said...

It's better than the boogie woogie flu