Monday, May 5, 2014

Week Ending 05-04-14

What a week!  Found out I had walking pneumonia and got on some drugs for that.  The drugs made me pretty sick for a good part of the week.  I eased back into running and finished the week with a stroll through the Sleepy Hollow Mountain/Trail race.

M – Got a cortisone shot and diagnosed with walking pneumonia.  Not a good day

T – 4 miles at lunch 34:35

W – 5 miles at lunch 39:38
      5 miles at Winnekenni 40:48

Th – 6 miles at lunch 48:48
       6 miles at Winnie 48:24

F – 7 miles at lunch 53:04
     Dan’s woods 7 in 50:38

Sat – 7am rail trail run with Petey and D-la 59:15
        9am nice relaxing out/back 3 in 28:59
        Later 2 miles up/down Mine Hill in Auburn NH 20:00
        Even later 2 miles up/down Jeremy Hill in Pelham NH 20:00

Sun – 3 warm-up at Sleepy Hollow, 10k mountain/trail race, 3 warm-down.  7 hours round trip drive!

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