Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ohio & Indiana high point weekend - pt 1

I headed out to Ohio and Indiana with Eric Morse to do some state high points and also hit some county high points, a few interesting/unusual sites and get some running in at various parks.  We flew out on Friday morning and were on the road to our first location before noon.

 Our first stop was Sharon Woods metro park, one of the great parks located right off the highway.  It was time to get in some running before we did any "bagging".    There was a paved 4 mile loop around the park that we did twice getting the cobwebs out after sitting around all morning.  It was a bit warm (80's) and humid but the shaded mostly flat trail was fun.

We headed west and soon arrived at "Mount Miserable" which is purported to be the second highest summit in Ohio.  At 1,490 feet it logs in only 59 feet short of the state high point.  We met up with the grandson of the farm owner and a couple of minutes later the owner arrived.  He was well aware of the significance of the hill and willing to let us go up.  We headed up the lane and through a couple of gates (passing a group of horses).  At the end of the lane we walked up the edge of the planted field to the oak tree near the top and then checked out the summit.  From the farm you could see the towers on Campbell hill about a mile away.  We thanked the owner on the way out, he and his sons were quite friendly and happy to allow us to visit.

It was a quick drive from Mt Miserable to Campbell hill.  It was still pretty early on Friday (just after noon) and there were quite a few cars at the Ohio High-point career center.  It was a grueling 20 foot climb from the parking lot to the high point.  We took a bunch of pictures and signed the register.  We also got a cool certificate to commemorate the successful ascent.

From Campbell hill we headed to downtown Bellefontaine for a couple of unusual sites.  First up was the World's oldest concrete street which was located at Court Street in Bellefontaine (    From there we drove another half-mile to check out the World's shortest street.  At 15' McKinley street was not much to see but a pretty cool to bag a couple of World record sites.

From Bellefontaine we headed south for the highest point in Champaign County.  We parked on Bump road and did a quick run out to the high point being careful not to damage any of the recently planted crops.

 From Champaign County we headed to Buck Creek State park for our second run of the day.  We put in another hour of running on various horse and hiking trails and a couple of roads.  We were "only" lost for a little while during the run but soon found our way back to the car.  This looked to be a nice park although the trail map left  a lot to desire.

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