Friday, June 6, 2014

Ohio & Indiana state high points - Pt 2

On Saturday we got up before sunrise and headed over to Carriage Hill Metro park.  Oddly the parks here don't open until 8:00 am.  We'd be LONG gone before the gate was opened, so I parked off to the side of the road.  Chose the longest loop, the orange trail, and did two loops to get in an hour of running.  It was a great location for a run.  There was a nice mix of boardwalk, grass trail, and dirt.  There was no technical running but the wet grass from the fog got our feet wet early.  All in all it was a very enjoyable romp in the woods.

From Carriage hill we headed to Darke County to bag another county high point.  This was a half-mile of round trip running up and down a small hill gaining 90' along the field and a little bit of bushwhacking as the animal track to the top has become overgrown.

From the Darke county hill we had a short 9 mile drive to Hoosier hill, the highest point in Indiana.  At 1,257' the hill really didn't stand out from the rolling farm hills nearby.  The actual site was nicely maintained, it looked a lot better than when I'd visited nearly five years ago.  We got a bunch of pictures then headed south for another county high point.

We drove to Five Points (a 5 road junction) and could see the Union County IN high point (1,140') off in the field.  We parked near a the road junction and then made a quick stealthy assault on the summit.  A couple of minutes later we were back in the car and on our way.

An hour later we were back outside of Huber Heights, this time at another interesting metro park.  We parked at Taylorsville Metropark (North) and went for a sweet run on the paved bike path.  There were some cool sites along the way as we were along the banks of the Miami-Erie Canal.  It was warm again (now mid 80's) but the mostly shaded bike path was great for running on.  There was a fair amount of bikers (and a few runners) despite the warmth of the day.  Great to see people out there getting it done!

From Taylorsville we headed to Clark County for the 1,305' high point which was located at a radio tower.  We could see the tower 5 miles in the distance as we exited the highway and headed to Catawba.  I parked at the gated grass road to the tower and we got in another 4 minutes of running bagging the "summit" and zipping back to the car.

The final stop of the day was the Madison County high point (1,205').  This hill was another corn field with a pretty obvious bump.  We parked after I nearly broke the front end of the car in a culvert and the quickly trotted up the field and back to the car. 


The trip:

Parks - Sharon Woods Metro Park, Buck Creek State park,  Carriage hill Metro Park, Taylorsville Metro Park

Peaks - Mt Miserable (1490), Campbell hill (1549), Hoosier Hill (1257)

County High points - Logan (1549),  Champaign (1390), Darke (1240),  Wayne (1257), Union (1140), Clark (1305), Madison(1205).

State high points - OH & IN

World records - 1st concrete street, shortest street


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