Friday, July 25, 2014

Cranmore Mountain race

Cranmore Hill Climb
I started the day with a “fun” one hour ride on the ElliptiGo.  The West Side road is a great place for a ride and I couldn’t resist getting some time in on the Go prior to the Cranmore race.  With the posterior tibial tendon and bone bruise injury I knew I was not able to race but figured since I wasn’t limping I could walk the course.  My plan was to walk it as fast as possible, figuring that’d be nearly 2 hours of work over the 6.2 mile course with over 2,000’ of climb/descent.
I rolled into the parking lot an hour before the start and tracked down RD Paul Kirsch to see if I could head out early.  After taping up and grabbing my camera I headed to the start line and was out on the course 30+ minutes ahead of the official start.
I briskly walked the course and felt I worked pretty hard, despite not running.  There were many spots that it was tempting to run but I knew I needed another week off before I could safely start back.  By the time I was into the second loop I began getting caught by the race leaders.  It was fun to take some pictures and walk along with some of the guys on the steepest pitch.
The end result was a better than expected 1:41 for the 10k loop.
It took me a while to get loose from the 100k double crossing of the Kanc the day before and it showed in my splits:
Up: 33:14
Down: 19:48 (53:03)
Up: 29:40
Down: 19:22 (1:41:05)
2nd loop - 49:02


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