Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wolfeboro rail trail

Wolfeboro Rail Trail (Cotton Valley Trail)
After the 100k ride in the morning I felt the need for some more riding, I didn’t want to miss a day of biking so I headed south to Wolfeboro and the Cotton Valley trail:
This trail is kind of unique since it still has the rails, they packed down dirt and in some spots you ride between the rails.  It makes for a very narrow ride!  I really enjoyed this although being tired and a bit sore at first I loosened up as I got going.  The trail was mostly shaded and not particularly busy on a Saturday afternoon.
The Wolfeboro end of the trail was spectacular with great views of the lake as you passed through it on the trail.  I took a few pictures as I went along.  The only drawback of this trail was there was only about 15 miles of riding (out/back).  I’m hoping to ride some more trails as I’m working my way through the book “New Hampshire Rail Trails”.

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