Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July

No racing for me on the fourth, but I did get out and run (6m) then hit the road on the Go for a long (for me) ride.

I picked a nice loop that stayed close to the Merrimack river heading from Haverhill, to Groveland, to West Newbury, to Newburyport.  Then crossed the river at the Chain Bridge and headed back via Amesbury and Merrimac.  For the most part the loop was a lot of fun with a breakdown lane on the bigger roads and very little traffic due to the early hour on a holiday.  I got a lot of smiles, thumbs-up, and "good mornings" from people along the way.  The ElliptiGo certainly is a head turner.
Winni Basin

View from the Chain Bridge

Patriotic view of the river

Never ride the Go with one hand and try to take a picture

Soggy from the 100% humidity

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