Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week Ending 09-04-14

Week Ending 09-07-14

The goal for this week was to recover from the 15k, get my blister to heal, and give my all at the Masters World Mountain running championships.

Week - 70 miles with one race
M - 6am Windham rail trail out/back 6 mile, then 50km on the ElliptiGo, and into 4 more run on the rail trail

T - Hottest day of the year!  Lunch Go 12.4 miles, PM River 8m in 64:14

W - 3am Industrial Park 5 in 40:14,  Lunch 12.4m on the Go, PM 7m out/back on the Methuen Rail trail in 55:30.  Overnight flight delayed.

Th - 230am Industrial Park 6 in 48:24 then 6am flight to Innsbruck
      1130pm in Fulmpes Austria 25:55 out/back 3 mile run

F - 11am previewed the course with Francis and Richard 10k in 1:45 with some stops for pics
     PM out back 3 on my own 25:51
S - 9am warm-up with Richard, then warm-up on my own total 5 miles. 11.5k mountain race, lift down then a mile back to the hotel

S - 5 miles in Fulmpes/Telfes at 4am.
     5 miles in GVA

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