Tuesday, November 25, 2014

USATF NE Grand Prix info

Although USATF has yet to post the link for voting, they will be doing so “soon”.  I’ve got no particular favorites for what races get picked next year, although the Maple Run ½ marathon and the GMAA 15k would be my favorites in the “pick two category”.  Here are the races with the entry fee listed (which should always be a consideration since this impacts a LOT more people than how much prize money is given) along with my “plus” and “minus” column.  With this election finally being one without slates I hope everyone takes the time to VOTE!
Date        Dist         Name                      City, St                    Entry       Plus                                                         Minus
3/22         3.1           An Ras Mor             Cambridge,  MA     30                                                                            No dedicated parking (race in the city), poor course marking
6/11         3.1           Fast 5k                    Hollis,  NH              25            Wide start, plus women's sep start     Thursday night race
6/21         5              Ribfest                    Merrimack, NH       30            Fast mostly flat course                         Uninspired out/back course, tight turn at the start, NO RIBS!
8/9           5              Bobby Doyle          Narragansett, RI    27            RI race (the only one to bid)                                15 turns in 5 miles
5/31         6.2           Newton                   Newton, MA            30            Nice course, well managed                   Serious lack of parking, very tight start
9/20         6.2           Lone Gull                Gloucester, MA      30            Well managed, multiple time GP race  Parking lot is a cluster-fuck, both pre and post race
10/4         6.2           Canton                    Canton, MA             25                                           
3/15/       13.1         New Bedford          New Bedford, MA  50            Always competitive and well managed               Terrible post-race food
5/3/         13.1         Maple Run              Middlebury, VT      40            Very well organized, plenty of parking              
10/20       13.1         New England 1/2    Loudon, NH            75            Drop course                                           75 dollar early entry fee!  Point to point - buses to start
5/24         26.2         Vermont Ctiy          Burlington, VT        90            Finally a Spring Marathon!   
11/1         26.2         Manchester             Manchester, NH     75                                                                            Poor response to the mistake made in 2014
5/16         7.4           Rotary                     Bedford, NH           25            Well managed, excellent post race      Can't find a website (which is troubling)
9/6           9.3           GMAA                      Burlington, VT        35            Excellent first time in the GP in 2014   
2/22         10            Amherst                  Amherst, MA           40            Solid race management                         Possible mud or ice for the "reservoir" section
8/29         10            NH10                       Auburn, NH             35            Millennium knows how to put on a race                             
9/6           12.4         Seasons                  Acton, MA                               55                                                                            Unable to locate any information online
9/27         15.5         Nahant                    Nahant, MA             40            Very scenic course

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