Monday, November 24, 2014

Londonderry to Methuen

I haven't done many runs over 10 miles this year, but was hoping for a long run last weekend.  Dan had recently put in 20+ on the Topsfield rail trail so I suggested a point-to-point on the Londonderry-Methuen rail trail.  I mapped it out quickly and found a good section that went from exit 5 in Londonderry to Railroad street in Methuen.  We threw the idea out to the group and I posted it on FB. Jim P was the only one who took us up on it and Krissy offered to drive us to the start (which saved us having to go back up after the run was over).  I'd done all of the trail in segments over the years (including a lot on the Go!) but it'd been a while since I'd been up in Londonderry.

We took off just before 8am at a relaxing clip and the miles just rolled by.  Two-plus hours later we were back at the Methuen depot with 17 miles behind us.  It was a most excellent morning!
Our route
Marsh in Derry

caboose at Windham Depot

Ice on the side of the trail

Short rest break

Dash to the state line


Greg said...

Nice long run, DD! Looks like a good route.

Steve Pero said...

Nice one! I seem to remember a 10 miler I ran on a rail trail that you put on years ago in Derry, is this part of the same trails?

Steve Pero said...

double-d Mountain runner said...

Yes a great route and yes the very same trail that hosted a 10 mile trail race. It was from Windham to Derry and back. Great post race food. Fruit pies and donuts.