Monday, December 29, 2014

Week Ending 12-28-14

Well, the week started with promise but during a 13 mile run on Xmas I took a weird step and really f---d up my foot.  The last 2 toes just don't seem to want to work any more and the top of the foot and shin are pretty sore.  I tried to not let it get in my way of completing some adventures this weekend but did miss out on doing the BU mini meet.  X-rays negative so now I need to get in to see my podiatrist and get this figured out.  Onward!

Week - 92
Month - 376
Year - 3067
Life - 127,088

M - Lunch 7 in 50:36
       PM Dan's woods 7 in 52:20

T - Out early so 10 at Millvale with Dan in 83:50
      Later step-down 4 miles on the rail trail in 26:35 (659/642/630/622)

W - Lunch 7 in 48:18
       PM pouring rain 6 at Winni in 45:56

Th - 630am 13.1 miles (part with Dan) from home in 1:44:40 fucked up my foot at 1 mile in

F - Town bagging runs

S - Town bagging runs

Sun - 8 with Petey and D-la (2x) in 1:15
         4 on the rail trail in Methuen in 28:40

feeling frazzled on Mt Cube

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