Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 1990

Looking back, 25 years ago today (01-26-90) I ran the 5,000 meters at the BU classic.  Back then we used the Armory track which was notorious for dead spots but also notoriously fast.  The locale was a distance runners favorite as it was always bordering on cold inside the building.  I never enjoyed racing at night but gave it a go for this 7:30 PM race.

 My college teammate  Dennis Simonaitis took the win in 14-flat.  I ended up placing 5th with a 14:17.0.  I ran a fairly even pace with splits of 4:33, 4:36 (9:09) and 4:36 (13:45) and a 32 second final 200m.

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