Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Old course records

Course records still out there:   At one time or another I set 152 course records.  Many of those were later broken, others had significant changes to the course and a large number of those races just aren’t held anymore.  I’m down to 11 races that still exist and are still run over the course that I set the standard on.  Two of those were from February long gone by.

My Fudgcicle series CR of 14:57 was set back on 02-09-1991.  It has so far held up this year and is now 24 years old.  I heard that Ruben Sanca was thinking about taking a shot at it.  He could definitely destroy that time with his speed.  I should note that on the day I ran it I had Art Demers rabbit for me.  I didn’t note in my training log how far he went but I know I didn’t go the entire 3.15 miles solo.

My other February CR is a 24:31 I ran at the Bradford Valentines race on 02-10-1996.  If that record holds up it will reach the 19 year mark.  The course isn’t particularly easy and the side roads often have ice and snow.  This year doesn’t look good for a clean course, but you never know.

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