Monday, March 30, 2015

Week Ending 03-29-15

After a 2 week layoff with a swollen ankle joint and foot pain I slowly eased
back into the running thing.  I was helped by being in sunny snow-free Tampa for
a few days visiting my parents.  I lost a little momentum on Tuesday night when
I ran head long into a migraine.  It'd been a couple of years since my last one
and this came out of nowhere and messed me up for a few days.  I really pampered
my ankle, icing it off and on all day (except when I was running). 

38 miles for the week

M - 3am Bike 30, row 15, go 15
     Lunch bike 45
     PM bike 60

T - Am bike 30, row 15, go 15
    Lunch run (Woo hoo!) 4 miles in 32:38
    PM bike 60 then sick

W - AM flight to Tampa
    PM still a bit wobbly but 5 miles in Zephyrhills 38:45

Th - AM Sunirse 5m in Z-hills 38:28
     PM 3 miles in Z-hills 24:23

F - AM Sunrise 3m in Z-hills 22:34
    Noon run in Hillsborough River State Park 5m 42:40

S - AM Sunrise 5m in Z-hills 5m 36:51
    PM flight to Boston

S - Industrial park 5
      PM Oak hill fire tower run
Sunrise over the row of Lighthouses

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