Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reading Town Forest

I had a little time before my podiatrist appointment at Reading Foot & Ankle so I researched for an interesting place to run.  The Reading town website had a lot of great information about the various trails available throughout the town.  I decided to park at Kurchian Woods and run over to the Town forest where I could link up with the Ipswich River greenway.  I plotted out a nice loop that looked to be about 4 miles and figured if it was a little short I could add on in Kurchian Woods.

The parking area was pretty small (I almost missed it driving by), probably could fit 4 cars.  There was a big sign board and the trail looked to be well maintained.  I headed off for a ¼ mile road run over to the town forest.  Although it isn’t marked as a parking area for the trails there were spots available at the soccer field near the middle school.

The sign board at the town forest had a warning about coyotes in the area.  I didn’t see any and also didn’t see any roadrunners or any anvils being tossed off of cliffs.  The trails were really nice, well maintained and a mix of single-track and wide dirt roads.  I covered most of the trails and figured that if I did the few I missed it would be about a 5 mile run without really repeating.  There were some nice boardwalks in the marshy areas and pleasant views of the Ipswich River.  It was good to see the trails getting used; about a dozen people were out walking the trails while I was out there.

My run came out just a bit short of 4 miles so I added a short out/back into Kurchian woods.  Next time I have an appointment I’ll have to check out more of those woods and maybe add on one of the nearby lots as well.  Good stuff!



DoubleJ said...

Any Wayne Gretzky sightings out there?

Anonymous said...

I saw him once there swinging a hockey stick at a squirrel in a tree.