Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week Ending 04-05-15


Week Ending 04-05-15
I increased my mileage this week and upped the tempo for the first few days.  My quads, hamstring and especially my right ankle were all troubling me through the week.  I got an MRI done on Tuesday and results on Friday.  Nothing unexpected, the tendon that was partially torn is just a “sliver” now.  The ankle swelling and pain is related to arthritis around the navicular.  The plan is to continue running as long as the pain permits and look into a new ankle brace.  Onward!
M – Lunch 5 in 35:59
     PM 4 plus with Al from Launching and checked out the snowy River trail
T – Lunch 5 in 35:53
      PM MRI
W – Lunch 5 in 35:33
      PM 3 at the River in 24:29
Th – Lunch 5 in 34:56
        PM Highplain road 3 in 23:41
F – Lunch 5 in 38:23
     PM 3 from Dr. G’s office in 25:01
Sat – 8 with Dan 63:28
Sun – 7+ with Dan 63:08
         PM 2.5 with Beck up/down Oak hill 25:24
Week – 56
Month – 42
Year – 488
Life – 127,576



Anonymous said...

Hi Dave - I'm a fellow runner in MA, and have followed your blog for some time now as it's great to look at all your stats and throwbacks to races 5/10/15/20/25 years ago. I plan to run Boston in a couple weeks, but have been sidelined for a couple weeks with a bad case of extensor tendonitis. I noticed that you're able to get through many of your injuries while still running (with cross training mixed in). I'm wondering if you could recommend to me some way that I can continue running, from now through Boston, without further aggravating this injury. I appreciate any suggestions you can throw my way. And very best of luck to you in recovering from your current injuries! ~ Jeff

double-d Mountain runner said...

Tricky injury. You should really see a physical therapist (Pinnacle PT in Plaistow is excellent). You don't want to end up not able to run at all. Saying that, I'd recommend doing as much X-training as you can and a little running. You won't lose much base between now and Boston. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'll keep chuggin' along!