Monday, June 1, 2015

Billerica Fire Tower

I'm sure I visited this tower at some point during my 20 years or so of living in Billerica but I can't confirm it.  I headed over right at sunrise on Saturday to take a few pictures.  Even being stealthy I was called out by someone living in the condo units nearby.  They were okay with me taking pics.

From the Fire Tower website:
The Billerica fire tower was an existing structure of stone located on the grounds of the Maryknoll / St. Vincent's seminary off Wyman road. It was pressed into service by the state Department of Conservation in 1938 as a fire tower when the Chelmsford tower was destroyed in the huricane of 1938  It was used as a fire tower until a new Chelmsford tower could be rebuilt in 1939.

The tower site is now a horse paddock and the tower itself houses at least one horse!

Look closely and you can see him in my picture.

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