Friday, July 17, 2015

East End Club 5 mile

15 years ago (yesterday) I showed up at the East End Club road race looking to get some points in the Hockomock Swamp Rat series.  I’d had good luck at the EEC race (28th running this year), but not on this day.  During my warmup I rolled my ankle badly.  I couldn’t bail since I needed the points, so I used a roll of duct tape I had in the car and gave it a shot.  I managed to stick with Eric Beauchesne for the first couple of miles but then reality hit and he took off to the win.  I hobbled home with my slowest EEC finish.
I ran the East End Club race five times and won four of those times:
07-22-84               1st           24:26
07-12-87               1st           24:34
07-14-91               1st           25:22     Ran with Jim Quadros for first three
07-19-92               1st           24:30     2nd place Dave Cremin 24:57
07-16-90               2nd          26:32     Eric Beauchesne 1st
Good luck to everyone running this weekend, don’t forget to pack the duct tape!
My ankle hurts just looking at this picture

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