Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Level Renner 10k

Level Renner 10k:
I got a free entry to the Level Renner 10k as a contributor to the magazine.  It is rare to get a freebie so I like to take advantage when I can.  I wasn’t feeling great during the week and the hot and humid weather predicted for race day wasn’t helping me to feel any better.
I hadn’t raced in Brockton since 2009 but looked forward to going back to DW Field park which is a nice traffic free loop around a couple of small lakes.  It is scenic (although a bit rolling) and shaded for the most part as you loop through the 250 hectares of fields and woodlands.  My original goal was to run under 6:00 pace but considering the weather I thought aiming for right at 6’s might be do-able. 
I met up with CMS teammates Joe Shairs, Jim Pawlicki, and Dan Vassallo and headed out to check out the first shorter loop of the two loop course.  The hill at the start of the race would be climbed three times which would be tough, it was only about 1/10th of a mile but the grade was as steep as 10%.  I don’t do well at switching gears, so I knew that part of the course would be my major weakness.  The field was pretty stacked as there was some open money in addition to some team money and masters cash.
The field of 200+ seemed to blast out at the start.  I went out conservatively (3:06 for the first ½ mile according to my Garmin).  As we rolled down the hill I started reeling in some of the quick starters.  By the mile (just under 6) I was in the middle of a group that was also running just under 6’s.  It was nice to have company but I was also looking up ahead to a couple of “older” CSU runners and especially to teammate Arthur Beesse.  I was pretty sure Arthur was 5th man so I was gunning for him to score for the team.
I passed through the 3 mile mark just under 18 minutes (17:58) which put me 15 seconds behind Arthur.  It was really hot and humid over the next 2 miles which were mostly unshaded.  I caught up to him at 4.5 but just like the Hollis 5k he was not done.  We had a good back and forth over the next mile and just before final climb up Castle hill he moved ahead (5 miles in 29:59).  I had no response and just hung on hoping to make it up the hill without collapsing.  I crossed the line in 22nd place running 37:22, glad to be done.
Level Renner put on a nice post-race spread and a big award ceremony and raffle.  I hung out for most of it, spending some time chatting with teammates and other long-time running cohorts.
Top 25
1 31:15 GLARIUS ROP                  31M      W SPRINGFIELD 5:02
2 32:50 DAN VASSALLO                30M      PEABODY MA      5:17
3 33:17 BOB BOND                      26M      BRIGHTON MA    5:21
4 33:39 JOSE ORTIZ                    26M      METHUEN MA      5:25
5 33:54 SAMUEL FAZIOLI             23M      SALEM NH          5:27
6 34:24 JOHN GREEN                   23M      QUINCY MA        5:32
7 34:27 GREGORY PUTNAM           45M      STONEHAM MA    5:33
8 35:27 JOE SHAIRS                    47M      PEABODY MA      5:42
9 35:35 ROSA MORIELLO             23F       BOSTON MA       5:44
10 35:42 PHILIP GINGRAS                        27M      PLAINVILLE MA   5:45
11 35:48            JASON EDDY                  35M      E BRIDGEWATER 5:46
12 36:05            STEPHEN CURLY             23M      NORWOOD MA    5:49
13 36:11            KYLE POND                   42M      NEWTON MA       5:49
14 36:14            ISSAM KRIECHE             45M      MARLBOROUGH   5:50
15 36:30            JAMES PAWLICKI            40M      LYNN MA            5:53
16 36:43            JOHN SULLIVAN             54M      WEST ROXBURY  5:55
17 37:02            PATRICK BUGBEE           32M      CAMBRIDGE MA   5:58
18 37:04            DANIEL GREEN               23M      QUINCY MA        5:58
19 37:09            MEGAN NEDLO               32F       SALEM MA          5:59
20 37:15            ARTHUR BESSE              42M      TEMPLETON MA  6:00
21 37:17            KEVIN DELANEY             46M      ARLINGTON MA   6:00
22 37:22            DAVE DUNHAM               51M      BRADFORD MA    6:01
23 37:26            BEVERLY ANTUNES         32F       SOMERVILLE MA  6:01
24 37:33            LANDIS HUFFMAN           33M      SOMERVILLE MA  6:03
25 37:56            ALEX ELD                      26M      BOSTON MA       6:06
Top Ten 50+                                                    
1          36:43    JOHN SULLIVAN              54         WEST ROXBURY  MA        5:55
2          37:22    DAVE DUNHAM                51         BRADFORD         MA        6:01
3          38:46    GARY CATTARIN              52         MARLBOROUGH   MA        6:14
4          38:53    E.J. HRYNOWSKI             52         ARLINGTON        MA        6:15
5          41:28    TED COYLE                     51         SCITIAR             MA        6:40
6          45:54    JOHN SAVILLE                55         BROCKTON         MA        7:23
7          47:16    MICHAEL QUINN             51         ARLINGTON        MA        7:36
8          48:36    JIM SHIMBERG                57         CAMPTON           NH        7:49
9          50:36    NOEL CLARKE                 51         SOMERVILLE       MA        8:08
10         51:48    KEVIN MULLEN                57         FAIRHAVEN         MA        8:20


Muddy Puddin' said...

Nice job in terrible conditions. You didn't look like you were affected at all by the heat/humidity at mile 3.

DoubleJ said...

...'(6 miles in 29:59)' ? You should have run around 31 minutes at that pace ;)...what happened in that last .2?

Arthur said...

Nice job Dave in that brutal humidity, I should've have listened to you and been more conservative at the start but my delusions of grandeur only made me too aggressive haha. You and Kevin had me running scared late in that race!