Friday, September 4, 2015


This weekend I’ll be running in the Seasons 20k which is the final race in the All-Terrain Series and the 6th race in the USATF NE road racing Grand Prix.  The 20k distance isn’t one that is held often, but I’ve had good luck.  My best performance was a 1:00:53 at New Haven in 1992, which would equate to a 1:04:19 half-marathon.  That is probably my best run at any distance.  In 1991 I took 3rd at the USA national championships with a 1:05:31, not a great time but it was a hot and humid day.  The last time I ran a 20k was 2003 when Bedford NH hosted the USATF NE championships; I ran it as a workout as it was the day after the Ascutney Mountain race.  If I can run faster than that “workout” time this year I’ll be pretty happy!

My 20ks:

09/27/87 Marshfield, MA  1:03:10 (5:05 pace) 1st place NEAC 20K Champs, 5k splits: 1600/1545/1535/1540

09/04/89 New Haven, CT 1:02:08 (5:00 pace) 9th place 5k splits 1508/1525/1554/1541

05/26/91 Wheeling, WV   1:05:31 (5:16 pace) 8th place TAC championships – 3rd USA finisher 80’s and humid

09/02/91 New Haven, CT 1:01:48 (4:58 pace) 8th place – 1. Kempanian 60:17  4. Eric Morse 60:47

09/29/91 Marshfield, MA  1:04:50 (5:13 pace) 1st place – with Craig Fram ‘til sprint.  5k splits 1612/1606/1615/1617

03/28/92 Pittsfield, MA    1:04:03 (5:09 pace) 1st place - NEAC 20K champs, outkicked Ed Sheehan (64:12)

09/07/92 New Haven, CT 1:00:53 (4:54 pace) 7th place – 5k splits 1500/1526/1519/1508 Pr 10m 4905 & 15k 4545

06/25/00 Bedford, NH     1:05:41 (5:17 pace) 3rd place - USATF NE 20k Hot humid 80s

06/29/03 Bedford, NH     1:16:38 (6:10 pace) 48th place - USATF NE 20K champs     


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