Thursday, October 15, 2015

5km slow-down

Slowing down as we age is inevitable.  5K is the easiest to track since it is the most common distance raced, so there are a lot of data points.  It may not be the best indicator as speed is the first thing to go and endurance holds on a bit longer.  I ran 17:01 last weekend which is my fastest time this year, a far cry from my 14:06 PR but it hurt just as much!


Steve Pero said...

Hi Dave...just wanted to comment on this as you're right for sure. My best back in my 30's was 16:32, now at 63 this Summer at Hollis I ran 22:41 and it hurt just as much. Still have hopes of getting down near 20 again, but I know it's not going to happen.
What killed my speed more than age is running ultras. After 15 years of running Hardrock 100, I'm a slow old man...but still trying!

Nick Kanaracus, Worcester, MA said...

Steve Pero,
I just searched and looked at the website for the Hardrock 100. The photos are absolutely stunning. What a life experience it must be to run that race! 15 years! Congratulations.