Monday, October 12, 2015


USATF New England has many programs that encourage participation.  The road racing Grand Prix awards “Ironrunner” status to those who complete all seven races.  The Mountain series grants “Goat” status to everyone who finishes a minimum of six of the eight races.  The All-Terrain Runner series standings are based on your “best five” results in the seven events.  It would be physically impossible to run every race in each series as the road 20k and the Greylock mountain race were on the same day.
The Grand Prix had 65 runners earn the title “Ironrunner”.  The Mountain series had 106 “Goats”.  The ATR had 23 complete five or more of the races.  Only my CMS teammate David Lapierre managed to sweep all three series.  Below I’ve listed those who doubled-up in series, four in the GP/ATR and five in the Mtn/ATR.
David Lapierre    M51      Chelmsford, MA  CMS     GP = 7 ATR = 6             Mtn = 6
Dan Verrington   M52      Bradford, MA      CMS     GP = 7  ATR = 7
John Kleschinsky M56      Billerica, MA       SISU     GP = 7  ATR = 7
Scott Leslie        M33      Rutland, MA        CMS     GP = 7  ATR = 7
James Pawlicki   M40      Lynn, MA            CMS     GP = 7  ATR = 6
Freddi Pare        F43       Salem, MA         TG        Mtn = 6 ATR = 7
Todd Callaghan  M45      Beverly, MA        CMS     Mtn = 7 ATR = 5
Josh Fields         M26      Claremont, NH    aR         Mtn = 6 ATR = 5
Leslie O'Dell       F39       Albany, NH         CMS     Mtn =6  ATR = 5
Richard  Paulsen M71      Woburn, MA       NE-65    Mtn = 6 ATR = 5

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