Saturday, October 17, 2015

Plus/Minus on the GP races

My brief take on each of the USATF NE grand prix races, I felt may have been the best Grand Prix I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in (I’ve run in 109 of the 215 GP race).  I heard of no major issues with any of the races this year.  Bidding for next year takes place in early November.
Five Colleges 10m
Plus – wide start, challenging course, always a great post-race selection of hot foods
Minus – high entry fee, prize money on the bid and actually given were not equal, unpaved icy or muddy section of the course
New Bedford ½ marathon
Plus – fast course, closed to traffic, clearly marked course and mile markers, excellent race management
Minus – high entry fee, possibly the worst food selection post-race
Vermont City Marathon
Plus – great course for runners and spectators, closed to traffic, well-marked, clocks at miles, very professionally managed, seeded start corrals
Minus – the bike path was a bit congested and had a lot of potholes
Hollis Fast 5k
Plus – Fast course, closed to traffic (half the road after 1m), separate starts, excellent management
Minus – Thursday night, point-to-point additional logistics, ran out of pre-race water
Bobby Doyle 5m
Plus – well marked course, fair to fast course, plenty of parking, well organized
Minus – narrow start with a sharp turn early
Seasons 20k
Plus – rolling mostly shaded course, plenty of parking, plenty of porta-johns, wide start
Minus – high entry fee, not all miles clearly marked, not enough volunteers at the earlier water-stops
Lone Gull 10k
Plus – reasonable entry fee, plenty of parking, fair course, good post-race food selection
Minus – Not enough pre-race porta-johns, start ½ mile from parking across a lot of sand

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