Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cockermouth and Bald Knob

I was up in Plymouth for the weekend and took advantage with some peakbagging.  I could not resist going to Groton (which was formerly known as Cockermouth) and of course I found the hilariously named Bald Knob.  The Cockermouth forest turned out to be a great place for a run.  The trails included a lot of old dirt roads and the summits offered up some great views.  I also get to say I visited Cockermouth which continues to crack me up.  I really worked it on Bald Knob and it was hard.  :-)

My route in red


Cracking myself up

View from the knob

Old trail sign

Former homestead



Kevin said...

You climbed Bald Knob in Cockermouth? Sounds like a mouthful.

FP said...

Seems like you need a running tour of the UK!

double-d Mountain runner said...

Great stuff!