Saturday, January 2, 2016

3,000 meters

I haven’t done 3,000 meters too many times.  Back in the day we ran 2 miles, now it’d be rare to find a 2 mile (except for Mass high school runners).  Since the USATF NE All-Terrain series includes a 3,000 for the indoor track portion I immediately thought of the B.U. Mini meet.  I’ve done a few of these and they are always “fun”.  There is plenty of competition and if you seed yourself correctly you can find someone to work with.

My lifetime personal best (PR) for 3,000 is 8:16 from 1992.  My master’s (age 40+) PR is 9:26 from 2007 and my senior’s (age 50+) is 9:55 from 2014.  I’ve had decent luck at B.U. but haven’t really done any speed work so I don’t expect to challenge my 9:55.  Based on my road 2 mile from a couple of weeks ago I guess I’m in 10:00 to 10:20 shape (which is 10:40-11:05 for 2 miles).  I seeded myself right in the middle at 10:10.  Wow, I’m nervous!  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!!


My BU results:

8:36 - 1999

9:34 – 2007

9:29 – 2007

9:26 – 2007

10:01 – 2008

9:55 – 2014


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