Friday, February 12, 2016

A little workout

 I haven't done any speed work in a few weeks and finally started to not be sore from Mt Washington so I decided to try and get some turnover.  The treadmill at work is solid but doesn’t go as fast as I might want, but in a pinch it is a great place to get in a workout when the roads or weather are nasty.  With my mileage restrictions and looming race this weekend I only had 4 miles to play with so I decided to do 6 times 400 with 200 rest.  That left me a mile to warm-up and less than a mile to warm-down.  That’d work fine for me.  Any workout is better than none!  On to the “Raven 5k snowshoe race” this weekend and the USATF New England indoor track championships (5,000 meters) next weekend.
Warm-up = 7:48

6x400 = 86.8, 85.7, 85.6, 87.2, 87.0, 87.4

Warm-down = 6:12

Total = 4 miles in 27:20


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